All Star Skate Park

All Star Skate Park 1.0

All Star Skate Park is a skill game based on American Dragon characters
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All Star Skate Park is a skill game based on American Dragon characters. In this free Flash game you can control either Jake or Trixie. They will compete in a skateboard ramp, where they will have to jump and perform tricks in order to gain points. You will have to control your character while he/she is in the halfpipe.

First, you need to gain speed, and then release the skateboard to perform jumps. While in the air, you can make several tricks by using the arrow keys, such as a Nosegrab (grabbing the front of your skateboard), a Method Air, a Kick Flip (flipping the board laterally), a Back Flip (flipping the board lengthways), a Vert Kick (kicking the air while holding the board with a hand), a Truck Grab, a 360 (a full flip of the board), an Invert 360 Hover (a complete flip upside down), and many others. You must complete your trick before landing on the ramp, or you will fall down from the skateboard losing precious time. You will compete during several rounds, each one with a given time limit. At the end of each round the game will show you both your partial and total scores, and will offer you to move on to the next round.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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